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About: Lela Casey
Full Name Lela Casey
Lela Casey
Lela Casey is a mother of three children living in Bucks County, PA. Being raised by a fiery Israeli mother and a gentle farmer in the middle of nowhere lent her a unique perspective on Judaism. She holds degrees from both Penn State University and Rhode Island College. Besides contributing to Kveller, she has written several children's books and young adult novels.

Posts by Lela Casey:

  • Aug 1 2014
    Do I Believe in God? I’m Not So Sure

    “Do you believe in God, Mama?” A hard lump of something rose up from deep in my chest and got lodged in my throat. This was the kind of question that pierced right to the heart of things, the kind … Continue reading


  • Jul 25 2014
    Not The Israel of My Fairy Tales

    When I was a little girl, my mother would tell us stories about her home far away across the sea. It was a magical place where deserts burst into life and the sea was so blue it was like swimming … Continue reading


  • Jul 22 2014
    My Son’s First Jewish Friend

    My son made his first Jewish friend. His name is Dan, and he’s got dark curly hair and wears glasses. Charlie was so excited when he told me about him. “He celebrates Hanukkah, Mom, just like us! And he has a … Continue reading


  • Jul 16 2014
    My Sons Grow Farther Apart Every Day

    There are moments in parenting when all the rules go out the window and only pure instinct remains. This was one of those moments. My son Dalen climbed into bed with me, his long lanky body curling into a ball … Continue reading


  • Jul 8 2014
    That Time I Almost Picked Up a Hitchhiker with the Kids in the Car

    I saw a hitchhiker this morning. It was a woman. She looked like she was in her mid-40s. Scraggly, blond hair, a tiny butterfly tattooed on her neck, a defeated look in her gray eyes. My first instinct was to … Continue reading


  • Jun 25 2014
    The Dark Side of Dr. Sears

    My little sister is pregnant. This is a big deal. A HUGE deal. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for for years. So, I do what I do every time someone dear is about to become a mother. I go … Continue reading


  • Jun 3 2014
    Don’t Mind the Swastikas at Preschool

    What if I told you that my daughter’s preschool was covered in graffiti yesterday and I dropped her off anyway? Would you think I was a bad mom? How about if I told you that what was scrawled on the school wasn’t … Continue reading


  • May 22 2014
    The Sacrificial Broken Mug

    I broke a mug today. My favorite one. It was half-filled with miso soup when it shattered. Jagged cuts of blue porcelain and tiny tofu clouds hurled across my floor like a child’s version of The Big Bang. I’ve always … Continue reading



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