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11 Vintage Lunch Boxes That Will Make You Nostalgic

Yes, it’s that time again. That time you spend all summer either dreading or counting down to, depending on if you’re the kid or parent. You know the one–it’s back to school season. This means it’s time to go school supplies shopping and getting all those necessary items your kid needs to function–and a lunch box is one of them!

Instead of getting another nondescript lunch box your kid doesn’t care about, get them something you both can bond over. Hey, you may even want one yourself.

Here are some of my favorite vintage lunch boxes that are only a click away:

1. GI Joe, $22

gi joe

2. “My Neighbor Totoro” lunchbox, $22

lunch box

3. Hello Kitty soft lunch box, $10

hello kitty

4. Hello Kitty tin lunch box, $10

hello kitty

5. “Star Wars” lunchbox, $14

star wars

6. Curious George, $10


7. Pac Man, $14

pac man

8. “Wizard of Oz” lunchbox, $6

wizard of oz

9. “Alice in Wonderland,” lunchbox, $14


10. “The Princess Bride” lunchbox, $12

princess bride

11. Tetris, $15


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