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5 Easy Red White & Blue Treats to Make With Your Kids for July 4th

One time (ahem, two years ago when I only had one bratty wonderful kid to contend with) I made these super gorgeous, from-scratch, red white and blue cupcakes just because. They were delicious and festive.

red white and blue cupcake

Now I can’t even remember the last time I showered, nevermind found the time to hand pipe cupcakes. So if you’re like me, but still want to do something cute and patriotic with the kids this weekend, here are five easy edible treats you will love making together. Or, at least, will stop your kids from saying “moooom” and “I’m bored” for like 10 minutes.

Happy July 4th friends!

Pamela Salzman’s all-natural red white and blue fruit pops 

Easy decorated chocolate pretzels from Pink Cake Plate,

Buzzed strawberry bites from Frosting and a Smile (this one is for adults only…or leave out the rum for the kids)

Red white and blue brownie pizza from Jo Cooks

Red white and blue fruit salad from Eating on a Dime

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