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Jewish baby names

5 Hebrew Baby Names Inspired by Music


Choosing what to name your new bundle of joy is a difficult decision that is definitely not to be made quickly. When it comes to choosing a name, you may be basing the name largely on meaning, which is why we rounded up five of our favorite names that are inspired by music–because who doesn’t like music?

Here’s our list below:

1. Yaron. Yaron is a boy’s name in Hebrew meaning “to sing.” Definitely a good song for your budding musician.

2. Liron. Liron is a gender neutral name in Hebrew meaning “my song” or “my joy.” You can even use Li/Lee as a nickname for short. How do you not love this?

3. Shir. Shir, like Liron, is a gender neutral name in Hebrew meaning “song.”

4. Rona/Rena/Renana. Rona, Renana, and Rena are three female Hebrew names meaning “joyful song.” Who doesn’t want to bring joy into someone’s life?

5. Hallel. Hallel is a gender neutral name in Hebrew meaning “praise.” It is also the name of the prayer for thanksgiving that is sung on Jewish holidays.

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