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6 Funny & Bizarre Hanukkah Dreidels

By now, you may have guessed that Kveller loves kitschy, bizarre objects. Mostly, we love anything funny, and think it’s important not to take ourselves too seriously. With Hanukkah starting this Sunday, December 6th, we couldn’t help but turn to the great world wide web in search of funny dreidels to make your entire family laugh. Because who doesn’t love to laugh?

We hope you find these just as entertaining as we did:

1. Santa DreidelBecause it’s a pretty bizarre combination. Cue the outrage.

santa dreidel

2. Yes, this $155 glass dreidel actually exists. Wedding gift, anyone?


3. Dancing dreidels are basically the perfect mixture between a doll and a dreidel. And they have that stern expression you give your kids when they haven’t cleaned their rooms.


4. This cat dreidel is for all the bubbes and self-proclaimed cat ladies out there (like me). 


5. Because who doesn’t want a dreidel made out of Legos?


6. Dr. Dre dreidel. Best pun ever. Sadly, though, this one isn’t for sale, which really bums us out.

dr. dre dreidel

Need ideas for kids and moms? We’ve got you covered

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