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Need Hanukkah Gifts for Kids? These 10 Old School Toys Are Perfect

Drawing a giant blank when it comes to gift giving this Hanukkah? Finding toys that won’t flash in your face or beep annoyingly every time you (inevitably) step on them–and that don’t cause your kid to stare at a screen for hours–can be difficult. Consider buying some of these quiet, old school toys that will entice their senses for more than just eight nights. (Did I mention they’re quiet?)

Reminder: This year, the first night of Hanukkah is December 6, so get shopping!

1. Get your kids’ strategy on with this wood chess set priced at an affordable $13. What’s not to love here?

chess set

2. Encourage your kids to learn new vocabulary words and spelling with Scrabble. This one is fun for the entire family.


3. Don’t want hard building blocks (because you can foresee your kids getting in some accidents/fights, like my sister and I did)? Get these soft interlocking building blocks that can turn into trucks instead.

4. For your mini-scientist in training, the “My First Mind Blowing Science Kit will be entertaining and educational (AKA the two E’s).

science kit

5. Got a young fashionista? Take your kid to sewing school at home with this book of 21 sewing projects for kids. They might even make you something.sewing kit
6. Because who doesn’t love Play Doh? In 24 colors. Enough said.

play doh7. Legos + Minecraft = Your Kid’s BFF

lego minecraft

8. Because, really, you just want to play with your old Etch-A-Sketch. It’s OK to steal your kid’s toys sometimes.

etch a sketch
9. How could we forget the dynamic duo, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? They’re a staple for every house.

mr potato head

mrs potato head

10. Foster your kid’s inner artist and creative genius with this standing easel. Even Baby Picasso needed to start somewhere.


Need ideas for moms? We’ve got you covered.

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