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Jewish baby names

7 Jewish Baby Names for Summer

What to name your baby is always a huge topic of debate–some days, you may be really feeling one name, while the next, you might hate it. Trends, of course, come and go with the times, so instead of choosing by trends, it could be interesting to choose a name loosely based around the season your baby is born.

Of course, don’t forget to check out our baby naming guide while you’re at it in order to get more inspiration. Here are some Jewish names we really like that could be perfect for a summer baby:

1. Ita. Ita, a name for boys, means “star” in Yiddish. Who doesn’t love looking at the night sky in the summer?

2. Kochava. Kochava is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “star.” Starry night skies are basically synonymous with summer.

3. Kochav. Like Kochava, Kochav means “star” in Hebrew, but is a unisex name.

4. Basmat. Basmat is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “fragrance.” This makes me automatically think of the summer wind and how sweet it is. And you know, this Sinatra song:

5. Pearl. Pearl is a Yiddish name for girls that means exactly what it sounds like: “pearl.” Considering pearls come from the ocean, and we go to the beach during the summer months, what’s a better name for a girl born in summer?

6. Ziva. Ziva is a Hebrew name for girls meaning “light.” This is the season of the longest daylight hours.

7. Nava. Nava means “beautiful” or “pleasant” in Hebrew; it is typically a girl’s name.

Check out our baby name guide for more Jewish names. 

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