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8 Beautiful Modest Wedding Dresses Under $1,000

Weddings are a time of joy, love, and beauty. They’re also a time of inevitable stress, as you plan all the small details–including what to wear (which is, you know, actually a big detail).

If you’re getting married (and if it’s not your first time, who says you can’t wear white?!), and plan on wearing a modest wedding dress, whether for religious reasons or personal preference, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up some of our favorite and relatively inexpensive (because who wants to break the bank?) wedding dresses that suit a variety of body and personality types.

Of course, what you decide to wear is a personal choice that reflects your personality and beliefs–especially on your special day. For many women, modesty is important, but finding stylish pieces that are modest can prove to be difficult. It can be especially tough, since modesty means different things for different women–whether that means wearing a dress with sleeves, short sleeves, going sleeveless, or opting for a knee-length bottom.

Here are my favorites below:

1. J.Crew “Kiera Dress,” $550

j crew wedding dress

It’s very 1950s-esque–and you know, very easy to walk in. It’s perfect for the bride who doesn’t like to wear long dresses.

2. J.Crew “Dalila Tulle Skirt,” $750

wedding dress

Who doesn’t want a sparkly tulle skirt that you can wear again and again? What I love most about this is the fact that you can wear whatever top you want, which makes it very versatile–and you can wear sleeves (or not!).

3. J.Crew “Adrienne Gown,” $550

wedding dress

This one is very simple, which can be exactly what you want–especially if you have an ornate veil, or want to wear more prominent accessories.

4. Adrianna Pappell dress at Macy’s, $360

wedding dress

Elegant sheer lace? Check. A beautiful option for any type of weather.

5. BHLDN (Anthopologie) “Adona Dress,” $570

wedding dress

Jewel-encrusted coffee-colored dress? Um, yes. It has an ethereal fairy quality to it, which I love.

6. BHLDN (Anthopologie) “Jade Gown,” $900

wedding dress

This cream-colored dress adorned with lace detail and embroidery is a great option for brides who want short sleeves.

7. BHLDN (Anthopologie) “Tulley Top and Amora Skirt,” $800

wedding dress

This is a unique two-piece (which you can buy the pieces separately if you prefer). I love the flower design on the top, which gives a fresh pop of color–and the fact that the skirt has a pink undertone.

8. BHLDN (Anthopologie) “Cate Gown,” $800

wedding dress

This is definitely a beaded flapper-inspired dress for any bride who is tired of the traditional white dress. Its white to pink ombre tone is elegant, but edgy all at the same time.

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