Actress Rachel Bloom Welcomes Her First Child! Mazel Tov! – Kveller
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Actress Rachel Bloom Welcomes Her First Child! Mazel Tov!


Congratulations are in order: Rachel Bloom and her husband, Dan Gregor, just welcomed their first child, a baby girl! The actress/comedian/singer/writer announced the news on April 1, writing on Instagram, “She’s here. She’s home.”

“Having a baby in the NICU during a pandemic while a dear friend was in the hospital 3,000 miles away made this by far the most emotionally intense week of mine and Gregor’s lives,” Bloom, 32, wrote.

Adam Schlesinger, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songwriter and a dear friend of Bloom’s was hospitalized with the coronavirus last week. He passed away today at age 52. The news came out hours after Bloom’s announcement.

“As the lovely doctors and nurses helped my daughter get some fluid out of her lungs, we watched the maternity ward around us change hourly to prepare for the upcoming COVID storm. The whole family is now home safe and I am just so grateful to all of our medical workers. From those in our NICUs to those directly helping COVID patients like Adam, they are sacrificing so much to fight on the front lines of this war. Thank you thank you thank you.”

She ended her message with, “Brb, gonna go get to know the person who came out of my vagina.”

Bloom shot to stardom with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a TV show she co-created with fellow Jewish mom Aline Brosh McKenna. The series aired for four seasons on the CW, and gave Jewish women everywhere the nuanced Jewish heroine of our dreams. It also gave us this iconic anthem about childbirth:

Seriously. Watch that. Did you watch that? We’ll wait.

The Jewish actress announced her pregnancy at the Creative Arts Emmys in September 2019. After winning an Emmy for the song ,”Anti-Depressants Are So Not a Big Deal,” a journalist asked Bloom what she plans to do next. Her pitch-perfect response? One, she plans to write more music. And two? “I’m pregnant! So that’s what’s next for me!”

Here’s Bloom, Schlesinger (on the right), and co-songwriter Jack Dolgen:

Sending love to Rachel, Dan, and their new baby.

Updated April 1, at 7:12 PM to reflect news of Adam Schlesinger’s passing.

Header image via Amy Sussman/Getty Images

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