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Alex Borstein Wins Coolest Jewish Mom as Schools Close for Coronavirus


Now that the coronavirus has officially been declared a global pandemic, much of the world is bubbling into an anxious mess, whether it’s due to illness, quarantines, the effect of social isolation, the tanking stock market, or insert whichever related trigger(s) you’d like here. 

Fortunately, in these times of darkness, there’s one tried-and true Jewish method of coping: humor. And our favorite Jewish mom, Mrs. Maisel star Alex Borstein, is absolutely nailing it. 

Borstein, 49, lives with her kids Barnaby, 12, and Henrietta, 7, in Barcelona, where schools are closed due to the highly contagious virus. She’s been documenting her life under the COVID-19 crisis on social media, and the hilarious posts are exactly what we all need right now. 

As more and more schools close around the globe, Borstein, too, is facing the same challenge as parents everywhere else: How do you keep the kids (and yourself!) from going stir crazy? 

Borstein’s answer? Break out the video games. 

In the Jewish mom’s latest Instagram post, she shared a picture that would make most tweens plotz: a brand-new Xbox and a Star Wars game. 

“Schools are officially closed here. Drastic measures have been taken. Please send game recommendations. And pray for me,” Borstein captioned the post.

If you had any doubts, this officially confirms that Borstein’s kids, whom she shares with her ex, Jackson Douglas, truly have the coolest mom ever. 

But that’s not all, folks! Borstein also got her children a Spanish game called “Virus,” touted as “the most contagious card game.” Yikes! 

“Timing,” the star captioned the photo.

Borstein has the games covered, but what about sustenance? Don’t you worry — she *is* a Jewish mom, after all. Borstein also shared the treats in her “quarantine kit” on Instagram and, honestly, even we’re jealous. 

The actress is hoarding “288 bags” of Cadbury Crunchie Rocks and “1700 rolls” of toilet paper. Is she exaggerating? I mean, probably, but we like to imagine her sitting on a throne of TP, popping chocolate balls while her kids play games.

“Please mail aprox 77 bags to NYC. Thank you for your understanding during this trying time,” her Maisel co-sta,r Rachel Brosnahan, commented on the Instagram post. 

Borstein has not yet replied — but she did, however post this gem:

As of press time, as far as we know, Borstein hasn’t yet found a cure for coronavirus. But we applaud her for sustaining us with the best medicine a Jewish mom can provide: laughter.

Be safe, everyone!

Image by JB Lacroix/Getty Images

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