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Company Gives Pregnant Employees $2,000 for Maternity Clothes

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Often times, when we think about the increasing bills expectant moms and families face, we usually focus on baby supplies and medical bills, not clothes. But a bun in the oven doesn’t just mean getting diapers and a crib, it can often mean a whole new wardrobe for mom.

One company understands this, which is why Domo, a business data company, is offering a $2,000 stipend as part of their employee benefits package, according to TODAY. Domo’s vice president of human resources, Cathy Donahoe, explains:

“It can be a very challenging time [for moms]. The goal is to help them feel good, to be able to go, ‘It’s not one more thing I have to worry about.'”

Right now, the $2,000 gift certificates can buy expectant moms clothes at Nordstrom, A Pea in the Pod, or ASOS. However, different arrangements can be made if a mom doesn’t want to shop at those stores.

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And no worries if you have more than one child, because you can receive a new shopping spree per pregnancy. Besides the shopping stipend, the company also gives an additional $1,000 baby bonus when the child is born. Now if only more companies did this.

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