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Contest Winner: Birthday Party Giveaway

Well, the chance to win free birthday party entertainment for your child is officially over, folks. Congratulations to Jaclyn Novatt on winning this contest, and having world-class kiddie musician Matty Roxx at her next birthday party! We’d asked people to tell us about their best (or worst) birthdays ever, and here’s Jaclyn’s story:

My best birthday was my 30th. My husband threw me a party, and it was a total, complete surprise! They got me out of the house by having us babysit for our friends, and while we were out my brother, sister in law, and mother in law came over and cleaned up.  My mother in law said she knew I really didn’t suspect anything because the house was a MESS. We came back home, I noticed the house alarm didn’t beep when we opened the door and I saw my Aunt standing in the living room (with many other people, but I saw my Aunt first). What went through my mind? “We forgot to set the alarm and Aunt Laurie broke in?” It was an amazing party – even my friend from Paris was there! Now when my friends say they need a babysitter, I have to second-guess them 🙂

Even if you didn’t win, you too can have the phenomenal musician, bubble-maker, and balloon-animal artisan, Matty Roxx, at your child’s birthday party. Just go here for all of the details, or check him out on Facebook.

And stay tuned for our next contest–we promise this one’s not just for the New York area!

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