Don't Pass Over This Episode of Our Podcast, Call Your Mother – Kveller
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Don’t Pass Over This Episode of Our Podcast, Call Your Mother


To celebrate Passover, the dynamic duo at Call Your Mother — Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna — talk with the dynamic duo that created Kveller’s very own haggadah, Gabrielle Birkner and Elissa Strauss. Gabrielle’s the co-author of Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome and a former managing editor of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency; Elissa is a parenting columnist at, and the pair worked hard to create a haggadah that keeps kids and their parents jazzed and engaged throughout the seder.

Want to hear about what went into making the Kveller Haggadah? Tune in! Then, Marnie Fienberg discusses 2 For Seder, a program she launched to combat anti-Semitism and to honor her late mother-in-law, who was killed in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life shooting.

Plus, Shannon’s daughter makes a surprise appearance and divulges intel about that time her mom almost killed her. (You know, the whole “slaying of the first born” thing.)

Listen now, share with your friends, and happy Passover!


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