Jennifer Weiner Dishes on Her Summertime Bestseller 'Mrs. Everything' (CYM Rewind) – Kveller
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Call Your Mother

Jennifer Weiner Dishes on Her Summertime Bestseller ‘Mrs. Everything’ (CYM Rewind)

August is nearly halfway over, which means some of you have kids who are heading back to school, and some are just home from camp, messing up your house and your schedule. No matter where you are, August can be a time of discombobulation, regrouping, and, well, general chaos.

But don’t worry — over here at the Call Your Mother podcast, we got you! Jordana and Shannon are taking a well-deserved few weeks off from recording episodes, but we didn’t want to deprive you of your weekly listening pleasure. So we’re resharing some previous episodes — some oldies but goodies that we definitely don’t want you to miss. 

This summer’s blockbuster read is Jennifer Weiner’s Mrs. Everything, a family saga which explores Jews, family, and America. In this episode, Jennifer comes to the studio talk to Jordana and Shannon about everythingfrom female empowerment to how she makes challah every Friday. 

You’ve probably read the book by now — and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?? — so be sure to tune into the incredible interview. After all, any time the interviewee laughs and cries in the studio, it’s a win!

Tell your friends and tune in!


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