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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘E’

Jewish Baby Names E

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Not to sound too much like “Sesame Street” over here, but can you guess what the letter of the week is? I’ll give you a hint: We have already covered popular Jewish baby names that begin with the letters “A,” “B,” “C” and “D.”

Yep, the letter of the day is “E.” As such, let’s take a look at some beautiful Jewish baby names that start with “E.”


1. Eden — As in “The Garden of,” Eden means “pleasure” in Hebrew. It’s the setting for the creation story in Genesis aka the temporary home of Adam and Eve. It’s also the name of up-and-coming Israeli supermodel Eden Polani.

2. Eidel — If you want to honor the Yiddish language, perhaps choose the name Eidel. In the Judeo-German language, Eidel means “delicate” or “gentle.”

3. Einat — I’ve never met an Einat I didn’t like. (To be fair, I’ve never actually met an Einat before!) This uncommon (at least in America) Jewish name means “fountain” in Hebrew and is a great option if you want to will your baby a penchant for water.

4. Eliana — In Hebrew, the name Eliana means “My God has answered.” This name is not to be confused with Ilana, however, which means “tree.”

5. Ella — In Hebrew, this name means “goddess” or “terebinth tree” (a terebinth tree or Pistacia terebinthus is indigenous to the Mediterranean region and is a flowering plant!). It’s also a great name choice if you like Rihanna, because it’s basically impossible to think of the name Ella without also thinking of the song “Umbrella.”

6. Emuna — Also spelled as “Emunah,” Emuna means “faith” or “belief” in Hebrew.

7. Esther — Just putting it out there that with the name Esther, your baby’s favorite holiday will definitely be Purim! In the Purim story, Queen Esther saves the Jews, her people, from annihilation at the hands of Haman. Boo Haman!



9. Einav — There are a lot of reasons why the name Einav is grape… er, I mean great! First of all, in Hebrew it does mean “grape.” Plus, it’s unisex! Now, all that’s left to wonder is whether your little Einav will be a fan of the iconic Kedem kosher grape juice!

10. Eli — In Hebrew, Eli (pronounced either as Ay-lee or Ee-lie) means “My God.” Famously, “Eli, eli” are the opening words to the poem “A Walk to Caesarea” by Hungarian Jewish poet and WWII resistance fighter Hannah Szenes.

11. Elior — Meaning “God is my light” in Hebrew, Elior could be a good option for a baby of any sex born during the Festival of Lights aka Hanukkah!



12. Efraim — If this name sounds a little familiar, it may be because you’ve heard it on Shabbat! In the Torah, Efraim, meaning “fruitful” in Hebrew, was one of Joseph’s sons. On Shabbat, boys are typically blessed in the name of Efraim and Menashe, Joseph’s other son. It can also be spelled as “Ephraim,” “Efrayim” or “Efrem.”

13. Eitan — Eitan, or the anglicized Ethan, means “strong” or “enduring” in Hebrew. If you’re a fan of Jewish cooking, this name could honor American Jewish chef Eitan Bernath.

14. Elias — Fun fact: Elias is just another version of the name Elijah, as in the ninth-century prophet Elijah (more on him later). Elias also happens to be the last name of Jewish comedian Ariel Elias.

15. Elisha — If you’re having a miracle baby, why not name him Elisha? In the Book of Kings, Elisha was a prophet and a miracle-worker! Additionally, this name means “God Is My Salvation” in Hebrew.

16. Eliyahu — Eliyahu Hanavi! Most well known as the Hebrew name of Elijah the Prophet, Eliyahu means “The Lord Is My God.” It’s also a great name for a Passover baby, as part of the holiday’s ritual is awaiting the return of Elijah.

17. Elliott — Of both Hebrew and Greek origin, Elliott is yet another version of the name Elijah. Still, I couldn’t resist adding it to the list, because who doesn’t love iconic Jewish actor Elliott Gould?!

18. Ezra — Want your new baby to grow into a little helper? Name him Ezra! In Hebrew, this name means “help” and could honor the scribe and leader of the people of Israel named Ezra, who lived during the Babylonian exile. Or, it could honor the Jewish frontman of Vampire Weekend Ezra Koenig.


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