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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘G’

They're great!

Jewish Baby Names That Start with G

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If I were to ask a gaggle of Jewish kids about their favorite Hebrew letter, I think I’d know the majority answer. It would have to be gimel (ג), right? The third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, gimel always represents, at least to me, winning chocolate riches during a game of dreidel at Hanukkah time.

With that in mind, basically all the Jewish baby names that begin with the letter “G,” the English counterpart to gimel, are winners! Here are our favorite Jewish baby names that begin with the letter “G.” Let’s go!



1. Gabrielle/Gavrielle — If your little girl is a total angel, Gabrielle or Gavrielle is a very appropriate name. Meaning “strength of God” in Hebrew, Gabrielle or Gavrielle is the feminine version of the name Gabriel/Gavriel, who was a biblical angel. 

2. Galit — Surf’s up! In Hebrew, Galit means “wave.”

3. Galya — If your due date is around Yom Kippur, Galya could be a great name for your baby! In Hebrew, it means “God has Redeemed.”

4. Genesis — In Hebrew, the name of the first book of the Torah is Bereishit. However, the English name is Genesis! Plus, its meaning of “beginning” or “conception” comes from the original Hebrew. Thus, Genesis could be a great name for your first daughter.

5. Gila — Tired: naming your daughter Joy. Wired: naming your daughter Gila! Pronounced “Ghee-la,” this Hebrew name means “joy” but is much more unique (in my opinion!). It can alternately be spelled “Gilla” or “Gilah.”

6. Gitta/Gittel — Meaning “good” in Yiddish, Gitta or Gittel aren’t just good names… they’re great!

7. Golda — Golda is a name that’s as good as gold, literally! In Yiddish, Golda means “gold.” It can also honor the first female Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir.



8. Gail — Have a total daddy’s girl/boy on your hands? Meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew, Gail is a great name choice! Though Gail is a diminutive of the feminine name Avigayil, it works for a child of any gender.

9. Gal — Perhaps the most famous Jewish Gal is none other than Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. Still, Gal is a unisex Hebrew name which, like Galit, means “wave.”

10. Gefen — In Hebrew, Gefen means “grapevine,” one of the seven species of the land of Israel!

11. Gili — Also spelled “Gilli,” “Gily” or “Gilly,” the Hebrew name Gili means “my joy.” Coincidentally, comedian Kristen Wiig had a popular recurring character on SNL named Gilly who was very mischievous.



12. Gabriel/Gavriel — As noted above, Gabriel/Gavriel means “strength of God.” It’s also the name of Gabriel LaBelle, the actor who played Sammy Fabelman in “The Fabelmans.”

13. Gad — You might be more familiar with Gad as a last name, specifically that of Jewish “Frozen” actor Josh Gad. However, Gad also makes a lovely first name! In Hebrew, Gad means “fortune.” Plus, in the Torah, Gad was one of Jacob’s 12 sons.

14. Gamliel — Dying in 52 CE, Rabban Gamaliel was a sage of the Mishnah. Thus naming your child Gamliel (meaning “Benefit of God” in Hebrew) could honor his legacy of Jewish thought.

15. Gedalia — In Hebrew, Gedalia means “God is great.” Historically, Gedalia was the name of the official in charge of Jews following the destruction of the Temple.

16. Gershon — Did you know that Jewish actor and soon-to-be dad Daniel Radcliffe has used the pen name Jacob Gershon? It’s true! In Hebrew, the name Gershon is derived from the word meaning “stranger.” It was also the name of Moses and Tzipporah’s son. If your due date is around Passover, Gershon could be a good baby name option as it recalls the Israelites wandering in the desert after their liberation.

17. Gideon — Calling all Mandy Patinkin fans (read: everyone)! On the show “Criminal Minds” the beloved Jewish actor played a character named Jason Gideon, who was often just called Gideon. Hence, naming your child Gideon could be a subtle tribute to Mandy! In Hebrew, Gideon means “mighty warrior” and Gideon was a biblical judge of Israel.

18. Gilead — In Hebrew, Gilead means “rocky hill” or “hill of testimony.” Though Gilead is the name of the dystopian country in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” it’s absolutely a beautiful name that your son could reclaim.

19. Gur — Prepare to watch “The Lion King” on repeat when Gur is a toddler. In Hebrew, Gur means “lion cub.” Hakuna matata!


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