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Just a Minyan of Minions in Honor of Purim

a plate full of hamantaschen that look like minions

Minyan. It’s the number of people you need to daven (pray) according to Jewish law. A quorum of 10 people or more, all over the age of 13.

Minion. Adorable, pill-like yellow henchman who were popularized in the Despicable Me movie franchise. Kids under the age of 13 love them.

Now, we are not sure how old minions are and if they can, indeed, form a minyan. But what we do know is that, very often, when someone wants to write the word “minyan,” their phone autocorrects it to “minion.” Rude! But also kind of adorable?

Another thing that we know is that people love to dress up as minions for Halloween and Purim. So for this pandemic Purim — when we all could use a pick me up — we bring you 10+ adorable minion costumes. A minyan of minions, if you will — except children, dogs, cats, and hamantaschen cannot technically participate in a minyan. For the purpose of this post, we will let that slide. As we celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim, check out these adorable minions that are anything but despicable!

The family costumes:

The stand-alone babies (aw!):

The random but delightful:

The pets:

The hamantaschen:

Happy Purim!

Image courtesy of Dani Elkins

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