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Trader Joe’s Purim Hack: Two-Ingredient Hamantaschen


Every spring, I get asked the same question: Is there an easier way to make hamantaschen with my kids?

Hamantaschen are delicious, after all, and baking with your kids is a wonderful bonding experience, and an ideal way to get excited about the upcoming holiday of Purim. However, having the time to prep the dough and think ahead is just not always realistic.

Fortunately, I have finally discovered the absolute best hamantaschen hack. What makes it the best, you ask? Here’s why: It only requires TWO INGREDIENTS.

That’s right. To make these hamantaschen, all you need are TWO ingredients from your local Trader Joe’s: frozen pie crust and cookie butter. (But, really, this recipe is so easy and adaptable that you could swap it with any filling available on TJ’s shelves, such as strawberry jam, lemon curd, cocoa almond butter, or whatever strikes your fancy!)

Want to zhuzh your hamantaschen up a bit? You can melt some chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl and drizzle it on top of the cookies. If you’re feeling extra festive, you could also let your kids go to town with sprinkles, and you just might earn a “Parent of the Year” badge.

Will these be the tastiest hamantaschen you’ll ever eat? Honestly, no. They are delicious, but they don’t taste quite the same as the traditional treat. Fortunately, your kids will never know the difference — they will simply be thrilled to share this baking project with you, and will excitedly drop sprinkles all over the floor.

What’s more: You, my friend, will be pleased that this meaningful holiday activity did not require you to pull out your mixer or plan ahead.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to do it, and the full (very uncomplicated) recipe is below.


Yield: 16-24 cookies


1 package Trader Joe’s frozen pie crust, left to defrost

1 jar of cookie butter, jam, peanut butter, or other filling

1 cup chocolate chips (optional)

sprinkles (optional)


Remove the pie crust from the box. Cut out circles. If desired, roll up dough scraps and roll out using a rolling pin. (Dough may need to be chilled first before you re-roll.)

Add ½ tsp filling to each circle.

Pinch or fold into a triangle shape.

Place on a baking sheet and chill in the fridge for 10 minutes or freezer for 5 minutes.

Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until just golden.

If desired, drizzle with melted chocolate (or dip into chocolate) and top with sprinkles.

Header image by Shannon Sarna

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