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Kids Turn Bratz into ‘Star Wars’ Rey Dolls

If you’re a parent of a “Star Wars” obsessed child, you may have noticed that Rey, the main character in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is missing in many kids toys, including the new Monopoly board game and Target figures. Which is inexcusable, as I’ve previously stated for Kveller, because girls are heroes too. That fact shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, nor should it be seen as something uninteresting or unimportant to market.

But now, Parts and Crafts, a family makerspace and community workshop based in Somerville, Massachusetts is responding to the outrage by making Rey dolls from Bratz dolls, according to Make:. In a recent workshop, kids learned how to remove the paint and make new costumes for the dolls.


Dina Gjertsen

While using Bratz dolls to remake dolls is not exactly new, which we’ve covered before, I believe it’s a wonderful way to teach kids that they can actually make their own toys–toys that reflect them as individuals. While I wish more companies would make dolls that actually reflect diversity, there’s no reason parents and kids can’t take control and ownership over their own toys.

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One person in the workshop even made a Maz doll, which is awesome. In case you forgot, Maz is the 1,000 year old sage pirate with her own castle who also appears in the new film.


Kelly Taylor

It’s so hard not to love everything about this.

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