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Kleinfeld’s Orthodox Guru For Modest Brides

If you’ve watched an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” or “Bridezilla” in say, the last five years, you know that when it comes to bridal fashion, skin is in. Brides agonize over which strapless, low-plunging, backless gown they’ll be wearing for their wedding, which you can bet your bottom dollar is scheduled somewhere between May and September.

But what about brides who want, or–y’know–need something a bit more modest? Like Orthodox or otherwise religious brides? Now that the Kate Middleton long sleeved-dress trend is passé (I’m not in charge, you guys), finding beautiful wedding dresses that also provide adequate coverage is becoming increasingly difficult. (Award show dresses, too. Just ask Mayim Bialik.)

Unless, that is, you happen to stop in to Kleinfeld’s.

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The high-high-end wedding dress paradise doesn’t come cheap, but you get a bang for your buck in the form of endless personalized attention from their stylists and sales associates. And get this: they have a modest bridal consultant…who is also Orthodox.

Rochel Leah Katz is known far and wide as THE person to go to if you’re looking for a modest, stylish dress. For over 16 years, she’s worked with designers to modify their dresses for modest brides–which is no easy task.

While being profiled for Racked, she said:

“Only certain designers will consider making the dress with the modifications that modest brides need. Most designers like to mass-produce. (…) Jewish engagements are also shorter than a lot of other clients’, so some designers will not even consider doing the rush job.”

Read the rest of her profile here.


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