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Meghan Trainor and Jewish Husband Daryl Sabara Are Having a Baby

We’re thrilled for singer Meghan Trainor and her Jewish husband, Daryl Sabara. The couple is expecting their first son in early 2021 — mazels!

The pair announced the pregnancy back in October, with Sabara posting a picture of an ultrasound on a Christmas tree background. This is because Trainor— who was raised Methodist and famously loves Christmas lights —  recently released a Christmas album, “A Very Trainor Christmas.” Trainor joked that the baby’s first video was her collaboration with Earth, Wind, and Fire (!!!) for the album; the iconic group is featured in the very agnostic and fun song, “Holidays” (a great addition to your Hanukkah playlist!).

Now, we all know (and love) the 26-year-old “All About that Bass” singer, but it’s quite likely that you’re also familiar with Sabara, even if you don’t recognize his name. Sabara, 28, is actually the adorable redhead kid from the Spy Kids franchise, Juni Cortez. He’s also had a prolific career in television and film, particularly as a voice actor on shows like The Ultimate Spider-Man and Ben 10.

Sabara’s mother is Jewish and he attended Chabad events growing up. He even had his bar mitzvah at the Chabad of Brentwood, along with his brother, Evan. While he didn’t grow up with a lot of Jewish tradition, the two were dedicated pupils.

“Some kids, especially kids with a background of no real religious training, would say, ‘Oh this is just a pain in the neck. Let’s get to the party,’” the synagogue’s Rabbi Baruch Hecht told the Jewish Journal. “Their attitudes were exactly the opposite.”

“I didn’t want to have a big party or anything. We just wanted it to be meaningful,” Sabara said about the event, adding, “our portion was about the story of the red heifer. It’s about somebody who is fortunate, and they try and give a helping hand. That’s the way I [try to] live my life.” (What a mensch!)

Funnily enough, while Sabara was working on his bar mitzvah, he was also starring as a bar mitzvah boy in a movie, Keeping Up With the Steins. In fact, Sabara ended up reciting his own haftorah for the film! You gotta love it when personal and professional lives synch up like that.

Speaking of synchronicity, Trainor and Sabara seem to collaborate a lot (yes, even outside of baby-making). He provides background vocals on her albums, and they often go on tour together. Especially during quarantine, the two seem inseparable.

Sabara met Trainor at a party in 2014, before she rose to fame; she kept excitedly calling him “Spy kids.” Two years later, Chloe Grace Moretz set them up on a blind date —and it has been smooth, happy sailing ever since. The couple got married in 2018 in a small ceremony in their LA backyard, with Sabara surprising his new wife with an impressive musical number:

These two are absolutely adorable together, and Trainor says Sabara is the consummate nice Jewish boy: “He’s my No. 1 fan, like legitimately,” she says of Sabara. “He plays my music all the time. I hear him blasting it in the car and when he’s in the shower. It’s just the best to feel so loved and supported like that by your husband.”

His Instagram account definitely proves it, it’s almost solely dedicated to his talented bride.

We love ourselves a nice, supportive Jewish husband! We’re excited for Trainor and Sabara and can’t wait for more baby news.

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

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