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Our Favorite Purim Costumes

Let’s not beat around the bush: Purim is the craziest Jewish holiday of the year. There’s carnivals and parades, cookies and noisemakers, religion-sanctioned drunkenness, and of course, the costumes.

Many consider Purim to be the Jewish Halloween, and your kids certainly won’t mind getting into the spirit of the holiday by dressing up as whatever they want! Purim comes early this year, starting at sundown on Saturday, February 23rd, so if you don’t already have a costume in place, now’s the time to start looking. The internet’s cup runneth over with all kinds of costumes, but we’ve searched through the endless choices and found our favorites just for you. From cutesy to Jewishy to just plain weird, here they are.

Famous Jewish Figures

1. Moses. Got a natural born leader on your hands? Then who better to pay tribute to than the man who led us out of bondage? This Moses costume ($21.99) comes with the robe, hat, and Ten Commandments necklace. Though unfortunately, the awesome ginger beard is sold separately. Get it here.

2. Queen Esther. Want to stick with the Purim story? This child-size Queen Esther costume is only $15, and just look at how sassy your daughter will look! Get it here.

3. The Grand Rabbi. And okay, yeah, we’ve made fun of these costumes before, but if Purim isn’t the perfect time to dress up like the Grand Rabbi ($35), than we don’t know when is. Sidelocks sold separately. Get it here.

Can’t Go Wrong with Cute

4. Veterinarian. For any animal loving little boys and girls, this veterinarian costume set ($22.49) is super cute, and it even comes with a plush puppy “patient.” Your child, a doctor! Can you believe it? Get it here.

5. Baby Animals. What is it about babies and animal costumes that just make everybody go “Awwwwwww!”? We don’t know, but we’re not going to deny it. If you’re going for the cute factor, this infant lion costume ($21.69) is the way to go. Or the monkey ($27.95). Or the elephant ($16). Or the totally treyf lobster ($25.88)!

6. Merida from Brave. One thing we’ve learned at Kveller is that a lot of parents are conflicted by their daughters’ princess obsessions, but it seems pretty unanimous that Merida, the heroine of Brave, is a totally admirable addition to the group of Disney girls. If your daughter was a fan of Brave, this Merida costume ($19.05) will be a big hit. Get it here.

Weird & Wacky

7. Leprechaun. Purim is just a few weeks before St. Patrick’s today, so you can’t blame anyone for getting into the Irish spirit just a little early. This leprechaun costume ($17.77) will be especially appreciated by any kids who can’t get enough of Lucky Charms. Unfortunately, once again, ginger beard sold separately. Get it here.

8. Abraham Lincoln. Oscars Sunday is during Purim this year, so what better way to pay homage to this year’s nominated films than dressing your child up as Abraham Lincoln ($11.17)? Besides being a freaking awesome president, Honest Abe is totally trending right now. Get it here.

9. Wigs, Mustaches & More. Sometimes, a good costume is all in the accessories. If you’re looking for that perfect piece to put your costume over the top, check out this child-sized Elvis wig ($20.09). Or this set of 12 assorted stick-on mustaches ($4.25). Or this pink superhero cape ($16).  Or these butterfly fairy wings. Or a unicorn hat ($16.10). You’re welcome!

*Remember, by shopping on Amazon through any of the above links, a portion of the profits from anything you buy will go to help support Kveller. And as a non-profit organization, we’d greatly appreciate it.*

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