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Sad News: ‘The Nanny’ Is Leaving HBO Max


Update: “The Nanny” is now streaming on Peacock! Here’s a list of the show’s most Jewish episodes

If “Mr. Sheffieeeeeld!” means anything to you, we have some terrible news. “The Nanny,” aka the most fashionable Jewish sitcom of all times, is leaving HBO Max on April 1.

That means we have less than two weeks to binge watch all 146 episodes of the beloved show about the Queens bridal shop worker turned suburban nanny starring Fran Drescher. So get yourself some Mallomars and start watching this modern Jewish Cinderella story! If you want particular recommendations, here’s a list of the most Jewish episodes of “The Nanny.” My personal favorite may be “The Hanukkah Story,” though it’s truly hard to choose.

It took literal decades for a streaming platform to pick up “The Nanny,” and the moment it landed on HBO Max, the show quickly became my favorite comfort watch — again. Yes, there are some problem areas in it — specifically, its inherent fatphobia — but it’s also a show that stars a fashionable, loud Jewish woman who is 100% herself at all times.

“The Nanny” is funny, joyous and self-aware most of the time — like the way it joked about hiding Lauren Lane’s (C.C.) pregnancy during its taping:

I can’t help but feel personally attacked by the fact that both “The Nanny” and “Shtisel” are leaving big streaming platforms in the span of one week. What did the Jews ever do to deserve this??

The good news is that there is some talk about a “Nanny” reboot ahead of the show’s 30th anniversary this November. Also, as far as we know, there’s still a Broadway musical about the wonderful show in the works, co-helmed by Rachel Bloom.

So this won’t be the last we hear or see from the flashy girl from Flushing.

Here’s hoping another platform will pick up these two incredible shows soon. In the mean time, I’ll be here, eating an entire layered cake Sylvia Fine style, and watching as many “Nanny” episodes with my family as I can.

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