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Sandy Rogen’s Best Tweets, Ranked

sandy rogen

Not that I need a reason to talk about Twitter’s ultimate Jewish mom — and grandma! — but Sandy Rogen, Seth Rogen’s mom, just hit a huge milestone: 100,000 followers! 

Sandy Rogen’s Twitter is a force to be reckoned with (constant typos aside). Peruse her feed and you’ll find a variety of themes: her husband, Marc, and their children (mostly Seth), yoga, wine, movie reviews, farts, and Vancouver. An eclectic group of topics, yes, but what’s not to love on that list? Plus, you can always count on Sandy to bless your timeline with a bold, and often obscure, opinion.

Plus, you can also count on Seth to call her out when she fulfills her duty as embarrassing mom (see #4).

Sandy celebrated her Twitter victory with a giant cake, but I’m going a less caloric route. At the time of this writing, the funny Jewish mom has 1,762 tweets. In the name of journalism, I combed through all of them to present thee with a ranking of this marvelous mama’s best tweets. Enjoy!

30. Oh Sandy, you’ve come so far. 

29. Celebrity spotting!

28. Documenting her husband’s meals, Part I. 

27. Documenting her husband’s meal choices, Part II. 

26. That’s it. That’s the tweet. 

25. Harsh critic! 

24. Adventures at Costco. 

23. Contemplating the wonders of the world. 

22. Wine at malls for everyone! 

21. Our motto, too, TBH. 

20. Grandma likes to party!

19. Not quite sure about this one. 

18. High heels hack. 

17. Is it wine or is it fruit juice?

16. Golden Globes party, DIY style.

15. Stars, they’re just like us!

14. Throwing some shade at strangers. 

13. Seth, call your mother!!

12. 2-in-1 lotion.

11. The one where Sandy texts her kids. 

10. Loose shorts + yoga = not good.

9. Sandy goes on a Disney cruise. 

8. Sandy loves fart jokes, Part I. 

7. Sandy loves fart jokes, Part II.

6. Sandy loves fart jokes, Part III.

5. Sandy is the matriarch of all fart jokes (AKA Part IV). 

4. Sandy embarrasses Seth. 

3. Sandy has a very weird dream. 

2. Sandy embarrasses Seth, again. 

1. Sandy is all of us. 

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