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The Best Rosh Hashanah Songs for Kids

Get in the spirit of the Jewish New Year with these delightful original tunes.

Get in the spirit of the Jewish new year with these delightful original tunes. (1)

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How do you get your kids in the mood for Rosh Hashanah? In my house, the answer is the same for every holiday — with Jewish music, of course. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts at sundown on September 15, 2023 this year, so I’ve decided to collect some of my favorite original Rosh Hashanah songs (yes, no parodies on this list, I’m sorry) for kids and adults that will help anyone get in the spirit of the holiday.

“Bashana Haba’a” by The Maccabeats

This hopeful song of longing, whose title means “in the next year,” was written by Ehud Manor two years after the passing of his brother in the War of Attrition. It’s all about setting intentions for how good the next year will be. I love so many versions of this song, but this one released by the Maccabeats in 2020 during the pandemic is especially lovely.

“Be’Rosh Ha’Shana” by Naomi Shemer

I don’t know why this simple Naomi Shemer song always moistens my eyes a little, but it might be the chorus in which we sing about our hearts filling with an ancient prayer, how the year that begins today will be beautiful and different.

“Anyada Buena” by Sarah Aroeste

This super moving tune from songstress Sarah Aroeste mixes both Ladino and English and is filled with the most wonderful wishes for the new year.


“Matana Le’Rosh Hashana” by Chava Alberstein

Chava Alberstein, one of Israel’s best singers, shares this tune about “a gift for Rosh Hashanah” and the joys of enjoying nature as a kid, being grateful for everything around us.


“Starting Over” by Six13

Jewish parody kings Six13 wrote this original Rosh Hashanah ballad.


“Tekiyah” by Eliana Light

We love Eliana Light’s Jewish music (including the Taylor Swift Passover parody she did for Kveller), and this soulful song is a perfect call to wake up and be your best self.


“Apples & Honey” by The Macaroons

The Macaroons make the best of a sticky situation with this song about remembering the sweetness in life. If you ever thought your holiday was missing a tune with a classic rock feel, this is the song for you.


“Shofar Blast” by Elana Jogoda

Here’s a Rosh Hashanah classic that’s great to both jump up and down to and help teach our kids the different shofar blasts of the High Holidays.


“Shanah Tovah” by Erica Rabner

We love Rabner’s Hanukkah album, and the CocoMelon songwriter also put out this Rosh Hashanah song that’s almost too sweet!


“Honey and Apples” by Joanie Leeds

Add a bit of a country feel to your High Holidays with this song from Grammy-award winning Jewish kids’ music maven Joanie Leeds!


“Tapuah Bi’Dvash” by HaGashah HaHiver

This song title means “apple and honey,” and it was originally recorded by HaGashash HaHiver, who lovers of classic Israeli entertainment know as the OG Jewish musical comedy trio. This video of two worms stuck in a honeyed apple singing a sped-up opening of the song went viral over a decade ago, and if your kids love short, funny videos like mine do, you might want to show them.


“Shofar Callin'” by Prodezra Beats

This song isn’t only about Rosh Hashanah rituals, it goes through the Torah stories that we read during the holiday, retelling the tale of Abraham and Isaac.


“Rosh Ha Shanananana” by Josh and the Jamtones

Someone had to give Rosh Hashanah the shanananana treatment and I’m so glad it was Josh and the Jamtones. How delightful.


“Shanah Tovah” by Debbie Friedman

Of course we had to end this list with Debbie Friedman.



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