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The One Video You Need to Show Your Kids About Consent

It’s incredibly hard teaching your kids about what consent actually means–many adults sadly don’t really know how consent works. Finding the language, especially if your child is young, can be hard, because it also means you have to have the sex talk, too. But now, there’s a video that breaks consent down, and it’s easy for anyone to understand (yes, even your 6-year-old).

Raising a child is hard, but raising a child to be empathetic and understanding of others, especially when it involves respecting boundaries, is even more difficult. This video, produced by Blue Seat Studios, uses tea as a metaphor–which is absolutely brilliant. While it may seem overly simplistic, it’s actually really not.

Watch the video below–and take a moment to have a conversation with your child about it, as it might just change their entire lives:

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