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This 10-Year-Old Girl Is Creating Chemo Kits for Kids with Cancer

One 10-year-old girl wants to make a difference in the lives of children who have cancer. Madeline Domian remembers what her Aunt Kathi’s life was like when she had cancer–and how difficult the treatment can be. Sadly, her aunt passed away in September from gastric cancer at 65. However, she’s using her aunt’s death as inspiration to spread kindness–she’s creating chemotherapy kids for kids fighting cancer.

She told TODAY why this is so important to her:

“I didn’t think anyone would ever want to be that sick, especially kids, because all they want to do is play and have fun.

I’m hoping to make kids with cancer smile and realize that other people care about them and believe that they can fight and win. I know I believe in them.”

Her school, Stanton Elementary in Fenton, Missouri, are supporting her idea–and helping her along the way. This past January, Madeline even presented a PowerPoint presentation to the entire school describing her project, and how everyone could help. Part of her plan involved holding a contest between the different grades to see who could collect more items. Kindergarten through 2nd grade are in charge of comfort items (like blankets), while 3rd through 5th grade are collecting activity items (such as pencils and games). Madeline is also including items such as gum and lotion to help kids cope with the side effects of chemo.

So far, Madeline and her classmates have created 50 Katie-Do Kare Kits 4 Kids, which were dropped off at St. Louis Children’s Hospital last Friday. While the school’s contest and involvement will end in a few short weeks, with a kickball tournament as the prize, Madeline plans to continue making these kits on her own using the money she’s raising with her online fundraiser.

Watch the video below where Madeline talks about her project:

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