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This New Lizzo Purim Parody Is a Celebration of Jewish Pride


Purim is a-comin’ on March 6, which means the holiday Jewish parody season is upon us — I’ve gotten new headphones for this important occasion.

Good thing I did, because the first major Purim parody of 5783 is here! The joyful Lizzo cover is all about celebrating Jewish pride, perfect for both Purim and this time in history where antisemitism is on the rise and we need it more than ever.

Created by Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles and performed and written by Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen who brought us “Hamencanto” last year, “Jews: A Tribute to Juice” is a delightful rendition of the 2019 smash hit “Juice” by rapper, diva and overall magical unicorn of a human Lizzo.

Now, before we get to the lovely parody, which incorporates challah, Manischevitz, kvelling and blingy stars of David, I do want to acknowledge that there is antisemitic way to mishear this song: turning its chorus into “blame it on the Jews” instead of “blame it on the juice.” Even Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman couldn’t help but notice it!

“Lizzo plays on repeat in our home, my car, the office, everywhere — my family and I are huge fans of her music and her message,” Cohen told Kveller over e-mail. She felt compelled to turn this song into “a song celebrating Jewish culture, Jewish identity, Jewish resilience.”

So she turned the chorus into “I’m proud to be a Jew” and “we’re so proud to be Jews.” It works pretty seamlessly with the melody.

Cohen was helped by some pretty awesome Isaiah congregants including Gabriel Mann, who, along with his daughter Piper, arranged the Platt Brothers’ version of “Ahavat Olam” to premiere at Piper’s bat mitzvah. Congregants Chris and Davida Hall produced, directed and filmed the delightful video. The fashion in this very well-made video is absolutely killer thanks to Davida, a stylist, who got a great pink coat, a giant Jewish star necklace (obsessed!), jazzercise outfits and lots of bedazzled sunglasses.

The video also incorporated other congregants as dancers and general hype-people, and features a Shabbat dinner scene with the synagogue’s clergy and their families.

Some choice lines celebrating our people include “We’re like Manischewitz, sweeter as we age.” And despite the video featuring Ashkenazi staples like tzimmes and brisket, along with lots of Yiddishism and Hebrew, Cohen makes sure to remind us that “there ain’t one type of Jew/Because baby, we’re diverse.”

“It was such a joy to laugh, sing and dance after three solid years of chaos and grief, not to mention the terrifyingly real, increasing prevalence of antisemitism and acts of hate, especially recently in Los Angeles,” Cohen told Kveller, referring to recent antisemitic incidents in the California city.
And Cohen’s video brings Jewish joy to Tinseltown — aside from the synagogue, the video features the LA skyline and the Love Wall in Culver City.
At a scary time for Jews in this country, Cohen and her congregation are using Lizzo’s infectious beats to refute hate and celebrate Judaism’s commitment to making our world a better place — and having a lot of fun while they’re at it.
It’s truly a treat to watch.

You can read the full lyrics below: 

JEWS – A Tribute to “Juice” by Lizzo
Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen
Temple Isaiah Los Angeles • Purim 2023

Hey, mezuzah on the door
Now I know it’s a Jewish home (a bayit!)
Burst into the kitchen, swag
Gonna be a SHABBAT SHALOM (good Shabbos!)
Challah’s rising, chicken’s cooked
Gonna EAT, it’s understood
Brisket, tzimmes, matzah balls
Yeah they do a body good (it’s how we roll)

When we’re glowin’, everybody gonna glow
(light the lights!)
Shine so bright, radiate from long ago
(each Friday night!)
We’re like Manischewitz, sweeter as we age
(divine right!)
Bein’ Jewish, friends – you know it’s all the rage!

Don’t be surprised when you see this dancin’ crew
‘Cause I’m proud to be a Jew
Yes we’re so proud to be Jews, baby
And don’t be shy when we celebrate with you
Dance in circles around you
It’s the hora, just be cool
L’cha’yim! L’chayim, l’chayim
Proud to be a Jew, proud to, proud to be a Jew!
L’chayim! L’chayim, l’chayim!
Proud to be a Jew, yes we’re so proud to be Jews!

No there ain’t one type of Jew
Because baby, we’re diverse (we’re kvelling)
Allies with all types of folks
Such pride, baby we could burst (soul swelling)
Tradition made us who we are
But every day’s a brand new start (new start new start)
Inspiring, modern, Jewish life
Gurl, you know that it’s an art! (that’s omanut!)

How we “Jew it” that’s on us, it’s by design (it’s sublime!)
All we want is to do right by the Divine (all the time)
Be a mensch, fix the world, babe that’s the grind (just be kind)
It’s a shonda when folks lack an open mind

Don’t push that hate on our people, that ain’t new
Know I’m proud to be a Jew
Yes we’re so proud to be Jews, baby
And please refrain if you’re planning to be cruel
Life’s too short to play the fool
Preachin’ love, yes that’s the rule
L’cha’yim! L’chayim – it means TO LIFE!
Keep that pride alive, preach the books of Moses (five!)
L’chayim! TO LIFE! L’chayim, l’chayim
Hatred pushin’ through
Guess you’ll see just how we do
—Oy veyyyyyyyy—

Somebody come get these folks
I think they fell in the deep end, WHAT? The deep end, WHAT?
Y’all gotta quit preachin’ pain
Cause life’s too short! Make amends, WHAT?
Make amends! (better to love, anyway)

Don’t spread that hate to my fam’ly or my crew
‘Cause I’m proud to be a Jew
Yes we’re so proud to be Jews, baby
And please recall – world’s got space for more than two
Vibrant colors, gorgeous hues
A kaleidoscope of cool
L’cha’yim! TO LIFE! L’chayim, l’chayim!
Proud to be a Jew, proud to, proud to be a Jew!
L’chayim! L’CHAYIM! l’chayim! L’chayim!
Proud to be a Jew, yes we’re so proud to be Jews!
(ha ha ha)

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