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This Purim Parody of ‘Old Town Road’ Is Just So Sweet


Purim is upon us — this year it begins on the eve of March 9 — and that means it’s time for a fresh crop of Purim parody videos! This one comes from the Rosenblum family, who  gifted us an endearing Purim parody of “Baby Shark” last year.

This year, the Rosenblums are back and better than ever with a cute parody of “Old Town Road,” the Billboard smash hit from Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. (And, yes, a Jewish a cappella version of the song already exists.)

The new Purim parody, called “Purim Town Road,” chronicles the journey of those driving around town to give out mischloach manot (or mischloach manos in the Yiddish pronunciation) — the Jewish goodie bags that we customarily give out on Purim — to their neighbors, as well as giving tzedakah to those in need.

The chorus goes:

“We’re going to give mishloach manos to the whole wide world,

We’re gonna drive, till we can’t no more,

Snacks for the neighbors and cash for the poor,

We’re gonna drive till we can’t no more.”

Pretty straight and to the point!

The video has some timely references, including Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump costumes, and even a coronavirus joke. (Is it too soon?!).

Watch this adorable video below:

Happy Purim!

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