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  • Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside, these chicken nuggets are so good you'll forget it's Passover. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike!
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    Passover Chicken Nuggets
  • My husband and I just put our perfect southern California home on the market. And though we'll miss the convenience of our American lives, we're excited to go on an exodus--to Israel.
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    Exodus from Our Dream Home
  • A recent shooting at two Jewish institutions in Kansas City left three people dead. It was another painful reminder of the Jewish people's history--and our will to keep living.
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    Tragedy in Kansas City
  • Matzah brei is a classic Passover dish with eggs and matzah, but there are plenty of ways to spice it up. Here are recipes for Salami and Egg Matzah Brei and Chocolate Matzah Brei Pudding.
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    Nontraditional Matzah Brei
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