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  • Besides the fact that I am recovering from major hand surgery, I am finding it difficult to write these days. The problem is with Israel. Itís on my mind pretty much all of the time.
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    Mayim: Israel on My Mind
  • Since the moment I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I have been terrified of stairs. It was just one symptom of the post-partum anxiety, but then my daughter took a tumble.
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    My Worst Parenting Fear
  • Every time my daughter goes away to overnight camp, there is something different about her when she returns home. This time, it was disdain for her usual favorite food--chicken salad.
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    The New Vegetarian
  • I am expecting twins any day now. But when my colleagues offered to give me a baby shower months ago, I cringed due to superstitions. Luckily, I found a worthy alternative.
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    Not Your Bubbe's Shower
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