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Dasee Berkowitz
Dasee Berkowitz is the founder and lead consultant for JLife Consulting, a service which offers educational workshops to couples and families to prepare them for their life cycle events. She currently lives with her family in Sag Harbor, NY.

Posts by Dasee Berkowitz:

  • Jul 24 2014
    A Month After Making Aliyah, Trying to Shelter My Children From War

    I have finally gotten around to reading Ari Shavit’s book “My Promised Land” about a month after moving our family from Sag Harbor NY to Jerusalem. At first it was too intense to read, isn’t there something a bit lighter–something … Continue reading


  • May 14 2013
    Are Bible Stories Way Too Aggressive for Kids?

    Living in a predominantly non-Jewish environment, we make a conscious effort to cultivate our kids’ Jewish identities. So I bought a couple of Bible storybooks, wanting to give my kids the main highlights of biblical narrative. While I love Torah … Continue reading


  • Feb 21 2013
    How Do You Explain the Violence in Israel to Young Kids?

    “Abba, what are those doors up there?” “I’m not sure, I think it is some kind of a fence.” “Can we go visit them?” “No not tonight, sweetie, we are going home now.” We are driving back from Tzur Hadassah, … Continue reading


  • Jan 29 2013
    How Jewish Teachings Helped Me Be a Patient Parent

    Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to parenting. My most recent journey into impatience came last night as my 2-year-old daughter twirled and sang her way into the wee hours of the night. I had been trying to … Continue reading


  • Mar 7 2012
    My Son’s Mask

    Purim is upon us and as we dig around in our closets for the perfect costume, the one that my son would love to wear the most is Spiderman, for sure. While the whole superhero obsession is relatively new in … Continue reading


  • Dec 29 2011
    Cops in Mommy-Land

    This has nothing to do with Hanukkah, dreidels, gifts, latkes, or the holiday season.  But I need to vent. Last week I was stopped by a cop for going 31 mph in a 20 mph school zone and served with a … Continue reading


  • Aug 18 2011
    Taking My Kids To Work

    I know that many of us are struggling with how to be very present moms, and to do meaningful work outside of our homes at the same time. This delicate balance is thrown totally off kilter (for me at least) … Continue reading


  • Aug 4 2011
    The Kind of Mom I Want to Be

    I never thought my kids would motivate me to take care of myself.  Over the past three years, when it came time for self-care, they didn’t exactly turn into my personal coach.  Instead, in all of their cuteness, they would … Continue reading


  • Jan 10 2011
    Two Sick Kids, Nine Guests…Dayenu!

    I know it’s a little early for Passover, but my 2.5 year old has been crooning that Passover fave, “Dayenu” (literally, “it would have been enough”) along with his CD every day on his way to nursery school. While he … Continue reading


  • Nov 9 2010
    Scrapbooking Baby

    So there’s this phenomenon, helped along by all the cute scrapbook stores, parenting mags, and peer pressure from other mommy friends, to spend a lot of time in the first year of your newborn’s life “scrapbooking” them. You know what … Continue reading


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