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About: Dasee Berkowitz
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Dasee Berkowitz
Dasee Berkowitz is an educational consultant, community builder and writer. Her pieces have appeared in Haaretz, the Forward, Kveller, MyJewishLearning and JTA. She currently lives in Jerusalem Israel with her husband and three children.

Posts by Dasee Berkowitz:

  • Nov 9 2010
    Scrapbooking Baby

    So there’s this phenomenon, helped along by all the cute scrapbook stores, parenting mags, and peer pressure from other mommy friends, to spend a lot of time in the first year of your newborn’s life “scrapbooking” them. You know what … Continue reading


  • Oct 12 2010
    Contracting Body, Contracting World

    Last night, I had preterm contractions. My due date is next week, but I had the kind of contractions that stop you in your tracks. After being supine for a bit and drinking some much needed Vitamin Water, I got … Continue reading


  • Sep 16 2010
    Yikes! My Son Gained a Name and I Lost One

    When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we anticipated that our lives would change, that we would shift all of our attention from nurturing ourselves (as two people who got married in our mid-30s, we had several … Continue reading


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