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Alex Borstein Didn’t Know About the ‘Mrs. Maisel’ Haggadah

alex borstein

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Mrs. Maisel haggadah.

Yes, it’s real — and, yes, it’s very exciting. (Although it’s obviously not as exciting as Kveller’s brand-new haggadah, which is free!)

And while the internet is abuzz with this unexpected, Maisel-branded update of the classic Maxwell House haggadah, the team behind the seder guide seems to have forgotten to inform some key people about the collaboration… including, apparently, Maisel cast members.

In an Instagram post, our favorite Jewish mom, Alex Borstein, who plays Susie on the Amazon series, wrote, “I’m hearing there exist Maisel Passover Haggadot!! Where the hell are mine?!?! I got a room full a Jews coming on 4/20, gimme gimme!!”

Perhaps our invites were lost in the mail, but we’d love to be a guest at her seder table. Last Passover, her guests all wore “10 plagues” masks:

Borstein has two children with ex-husband, Jackson Douglas: a son, Barnaby (born September, 2008), and a daughter, Henrietta (born October, 2012). Her mom is a Holocaust survivor, who was born and raised in Budapest and moved to America after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

The actress is vocal about celebrating the Jewish holidays; this past fall, she built a sukkah in her backyard. She also wrote about attending Rosh Hashanah services in Barcelona.

And on Hanukkah, Borstein celebrated with some matzah ball soup:

Alex, we hope, for your sake, your Maisel haggadahs are on their way. But if not, and if you still need a seder guide, we’ve got you covered!

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