Food Network Star Molly Yeh Announces 2nd Pregnancy in a Very Jewish Way – Kveller
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Food Network Star Molly Yeh Announces 2nd Pregnancy in a Very Jewish Way

Molly Yeh

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Well, we’re calling it: Food Network’s “Girl Meets Farm” host and Instagram queen Molly Yeh just published the best baby announcement ever. On Friday, the Jewish mom posted on Instagram that she and her husband, Nick Hagen, are expecting their second child by combining our two favorite things: babies and babka.

Yeh, 32, posted a picture of a babka cut in half, juxtaposed with her baby bump. The inside of the babka happens to look almost exactly like a sonogram picture — but of course, way more delicious.

“Well i was gonna post a sonogram pic but this babka cross section looked just as cool and is probably just as accurate??” the food maven wrote in the Instagram caption. She shared that their new baby — who will be a sibling to big sister Bernadette “Bernie” Rosemary, who was born in March 2019 — is due on February 2022. She also added some very cute hashtags: #babkaintheoven and #iwantasalamisandwich.

We love this baby announcement! It’s simple, funny, pretty and, well, appetizing as heck. We hope that Yeh partook in the gorgeous babka after she finished the shoot.

We also love that Yeh is keeping the tradition of giving her kids Jewish food-themed nicknames — she nicknamed Bernie “poppy seed” while she was pregnant with her. What’s more, Yeh recently shared a Mexican chocolate babka recipe (YUM) and claimed that Bernie is a babka fiend! We hope the 2-year-old will show as much enthusiasm for baby babka when she comes along!

Yeh will debut her baby bump in season 9 (!) of “Girl Meets Farm.” Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that baby Bernie made her own TV premiere on season 4? How quickly the time flies!

B’sha’ah tovah to Yeh. We can’t wait to meet your baby babka!

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