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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘L’

There are a lot of lovely options!


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If you’re just as invested in Scandoval as I am, you know that there is a real-life person on “Vanderpump Rules” whose name is Lala. (If you’ve clicked on this article from the future, welcome. Remember pop culture’s collective fascination with Scandoval? Absolutely wild stuff.) Now, no offense to Lala, but every time I hear her name, I always think of a certain giant yellow Teletubby. So, if you’re looking for a baby name that begins with the letter “L,” maybe don’t go with Lala. Instead, here is a list of beautiful and unique Jewish baby names that begin with “L.”



1. LeahMeaning “delicate” or “weary” in Hebrew, Leah is a name that honors the fourth Jewish matriarch. Leah was also the name of Leah Rabin, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. An alternate spelling for Leah is Lea.

2. LeoraLeora could be the name of the best Hanukkah gift you will ever give yourself! In Hebrew, Leora means “my light” and is a common name for baby girls born around the Festival of Lights.

3. LianaIn Hebrew, this beautiful name means “He answered me.”

4. LirazDrama! Liraz means “my secret” in Hebrew. Perhaps one of the most famous people with this name is Israeli actress and singer Liraz Charhi.

5. LiatComing originally from Hebrew, Liat means “You are for me.” It’s also the name of Liat Baruch, the Jewish stylist of celebrity influencer and fellow Jew Sofia Richie Grainge.



6. LiPronounced as “lee,” this Hebrew name means “to me.”

7. LiorIn Hebrew, this unisex baby name means “my light” or “I have light.” (Much like Leora, it’s a common baby name around Hanukkah.) It’s also the name of Kveller’s fabulous Deputy Managing Editor, Lior Zaltzman.

8. LironPrepare yourself for a happy baby! In Hebrew, Liron means “my song” or “my joy.” It can also be spelled as Leeron.



9. LazarComing from Yiddish, Lazar means “God has helped.” You might recognize this as the name of “Fiddler” character Lazar Wolf. A word to the wise: This name might not be for you if your last name is Pointer.

10. LeibLeibs and tigers and bears, oh my! In Yiddish, the name Leib means “lion.” 

11. Lev This name is a personal favorite of this author. Lev, originally coming from Hebrew, means “heart.”

12. LeviMeaning “attached” in Hebrew, Levi was the name of the third son of Jacob and Leah in the Torah. Though it’s technically pronounced “Lae-vee,” more recently this name has also been pronounced as “Leh-vee” or “Lee-vi.” 

13. LiavIf you want to honor your dad without using his name, Liav is a great baby name option. In Hebrew, Liav means “my father.”


Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “L.”

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