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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘R’

From Jewish matriarchs to deli sandwiches, you can find some great baby name inspiration anywhere.


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We here at Kveller are committed to taking you on a Jewish baby name journey through the English alphabet. And now, we are onto all the quirky Jewish baby names that start with the letter Q…

End of article.

Just kidding! If you know of any Jewish baby names that start with “Q,” we’d be more than happy to hear them. But as it stands now, there aren’t enough to write an entire article about. So we’re just going to skip right onto the next letter in the alphabet: R!

Here are some of our favorite Jewish baby names that start with “R”:



1. RaananaThis Jewish name is fresh, literally! In Hebrew Raanana means “fresh.” Alternatively spelled Ra’anana, it’s also the name of a contemporary town in Israel.

2. RachavIn Hebrew, this name means “wide” or “spacious.” Biblically, Rachav was an innkeeper living in Jericho who helped Joshua and the Israelites conquer the city.

3. RachelIt’s a right of passage to be a Jewish girl named Rachel. This name honors the third Jewish matriarch and means “ewe” in Hebrew.

4. RayaNo, we’re not talking about the celebrity dating app! In biblical Hebrew, Raya means “friend” or “wife.” It can also be spelled as Raia or Ra’aya.

5. Rebecca/RivkaYou know the drill! This Hebrew name honors the second Jewish matriarch. If you want to honor Rivka/Rebecca but don’t love those names, Becca, Becky or Rivi are also good options. 

6. RinatWith a name like this, your daughter might just be the next Barbra Streisand! In Hebrew, Rinat means “joyful song.”



Anything can be a unisex name. Live your dreams!



7. RamiComing from Hebrew and Persian, Rami means “tall,” “exalted,” “happy” or “joyous.” Woohoo! 

8. RanSimilar to the name Rinat, Ran means “joyful” or “filled with song.”

9. RaphaelIn Hebrew, Raphael means “healing of God.” It can honor either the biblical angel or the Ninja Turtle.

10. RazielSpill the tea! In Hebrew, Raziel means “God’s secret.”

11. Reuben/ReuvenIn the Hebrew Bible, Reuven was the oldest son of Jacob. Fittingly, this name means “Behold, a son.” But if you want to name your kid Reuben because of the delicious sandwich, who are we to stop you?


Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “R.”

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