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Kveller’s Last Minute Shavuot Roundup

The holiday of Shavuot is basically here (it begins at sunset on Saturday, June 11 and ends on the evening of Monday, June 13). This means one of two things is true for you right now: You’re either preparing for the holiday, or you’re thinking: “What the heck is Shavuot?”

Well, Shavuot is the time we celebrate the giving of the Torah–with that comes a time where you evaluate how you live Jewishly–and the delving into tradition and community. For some, this means reading up about the holiday for the first time, or finding a new cheesecake recipe to make with your kids.

Either way, we rounded up some of our favorite and best Shavuot articles and recipes on Kveller:

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Chocolate & Sprinkles Covered Ice Cream Cones for Shavuot

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