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Mayim Bialik Explains the Delightful Holiday of Purim

Mayim Bialik on a festive background

Mayim Bialik is back with another installment of “You Know How I Know?,” the video series in which the beloved actress, neuroscientist, and Jewish mom explains Jewish holidays to us.

This time, the holiday is truly worth the hype: Purim! Truly, what does this festive holiday not have?! Drinking, dressing up, and partying all night (and also, delicious cookies)! As Mayim herself says: Purim is truly lit.

In this short and highly enjoyable video, Mayim breaks down the story of the holiday — with some help from Kelly Clarkson lyrics. She also reminds us that, aside from the frolicking, imbibing, and partying, Purim does have meaningful lessons to impart. The holiday teaches us that it’s imperative for us to stand up when we see injustice. It’s also a tale about how one woman can change the world (yay, feminism!).

Watch it below, and happy Purim, everyone!

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