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Mom Goes into Hiding With Son to Avoid Circumcision, Gets Arrested


Oy. The Associated Press reports a mom from Boca Raton Florida was arrested yesterday after going into hiding with her 4-year-old…to avoid his circumcision.

Heather Hironimus has been embroiled in a legal battle with the father of her child–with whom she shares custody–because he wants his son to be circumcised and she does not.

The two parents initially agreed their son would be circumcised when they drafted their pregnancy agreement. But, at some point, she changed her mind. The father took her to court, and she went into hiding for three months while the trial was going on. She was brought in in contempt of court.

The circumcision debate has many sides: the pros, the cons, and the profoundly confused. (Though if you do decide it’s for you, check out our nifty mohel directory here.)

So far, the lower courts have sided with the boy’s father, who has not reportedly indicated a religious interest in the procedure.

Talk about a bris-aster (I’m sorry, I had to). What do you think?

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