The 14-Year-Old Victim of Kalamazoo Shooting is Surprising Everyone--Even Her Doctors – Kveller
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The 14-Year-Old Victim of Kalamazoo Shooting is Surprising Everyone–Even Her Doctors

Here’s an exciting update from Abigail Kopf, the teen who was severely injured when she was shot during Michigan Uber driver Jason Dalton’s violent attack in Kalamazoo: word just came out that she was released from the hospital last month.

The 14-year-old’s injuries were so traumatic that her doctors worried she could be pronounced brain dead until Kopf did a miraculous thing: She squeezed her mother’s hand. She has since moved to an inpatient rehabilitation center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As of now, there is no estimation of when her release may be, atlhough her doctor and medical director of Bronson Children’s Hospital, Aaron Lane-Davies, has stated her progress is incredible:

“The pace of her progress is exceptional. It will be a long journey ahead, but she is regaining her functions more quickly than expected for someone with an extensive brain injury.”

Despite her serious injuries and initial grim diagnosis, Kopf is beating the odds–she began walking days after she opened her eyes for the first time. After the shooting, Kopf’s family launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for the her medical bills. It has already exceeded the minimum–which illustrates how a community far and wide can truly come together after a dreadful tragedy.

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