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The Top Jewish Baby Names of 2015 Are Here

It seems like Jewish baby names are going strong this year, taking up several slots in the top 25 most popular names of the year, according to Baby Center’s Top 100 list for 2015. Parents just can’t enough biblical and old-fashioned names these days, with Noah making the #5 boy name and Ava earning the #4 girl name.

It seems, however, that Jewish boy names are much more popular than Jewish girl names. We wonder why this may be the case–expectant parents everywhere, get on this. (We’re kind of kidding. Kind of.)

Without further delay, here are the most popular Jewish baby names for 2015:


Ava (#4)

Isabella (#6, variation of Elizabeth)

Abigail (#20)

Ella (#26, though it was previously within the top 25).


Noah (#5)

Ethan (#7)

Jacob (#10)

Elijah (#13)

Alexander (#14)

Michael (#15)

James (#17, derives from Jacob)

Caleb (#18)

Benjamin (#19)

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