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This Emoji Menorah Is Every Kid’s Hanukkah Dream

Those eight crazy nights are getting close (Hanukkah is starting Saturday, December 24), so it’s time to find your kitschy, fun Hanukkah menorah. Yes, we all love “ugly Hanukkah sweaters,” but there’s so much more in life than sweaters–there’s also quirky menorahs.

For kids especially, using a typical old menorah that you’ve had in your families for generations (which may be awesome for you) is boring for them. So, I set out to find one that all kids would love. And behold, I found the Emoji Menorah. Yes, it actually exists. (And really, are you surprised? The Great Internet Wonderland has permeated every aspect of our lives already, so why not your Hanukkah?)

The best part? It’s only $25. What’s not to love? The only thing missing is 💩 (seriously, how do you leave that out?!). If this isn’t your jam, check out this Cat Menorah here.

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