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This Jewish Grandpa Made the Best Mask-Wearing PSA Ever


Forget about two Paul Rudds — what we really need are the three versions of this Jewish grandpa singing an original PSA encouraging us all to wear a mask!

While most of us have been spending our quarantine binge-watching Netflix, jazz pianist Michael Kramer — a grandpa of three and father of Kveller contributor Samantha Taylor — has been filling his time mastering the music-making app Acapella. He’s created funny and sweet videos for his grandchildren, including an adorable song called “Billie Boo” for Samantha’s daughter, Billie (“Billie boo, Billie boo/There’s no one I love more than you,” he sings winningly) and using it for long-distance musical collaborations.

This week, Kramer, whom his grandchildren know as Papa, put out a fabulous PSA aptly titled, “You’ve Got to Wear a Mask.” The lyrics are simple: Kramer encourages us to be patriotic and thoughtful and wear that mask, reminding us that the mask “goes over the snout, under that mouth.”

“It’s not a political statement,” the 71-year-old, who lives in the suburb of Orlando, Florida, reminds us. “As a matter of fact, it’s cool.” He even adds some Jewish values to it all, reminding us that wearing a mask is essential “if you heed to love thy neighbor.”

This video is so inspired — from Kramer’s choice to wear a different shirt for each “part” he plays (the song is a duet, with a piano accompaniment), to his winning smile, to the harmonious clapping, to when he tries to put on a mask, fails, and exclaims, “oy vey.”

This talented Jewish grandpa has won our hearts, and we’re sure he’ll win yours. Watch this video and get ready to be charmed:

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