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This Mah Jongg Face Mask Is Our New Obsession


Unfortunately, there’s no end in sight to this Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, there’s a super-easy way to protect yourself and your neighbors: by wearing a mask.

That’s not a political statement, it’s a scientific fact. But this also means that a lot of us are looking for more cloth face masks to add to our repertoires. And while there are a lot of fun (and Jewish!) options out there, we recently came across this adorable mah jongg mask, and honestly? We’re obsessed!

Not only is it washable — a must for all non-disposable face masks — but the gaiter-style mask, which retails at $18 (of course), can also be worn as a scarf, a hairband, a wrist band, and more. (Please note that it is not recommended to wear your worn mask around your neck because of possible cross-contamination).

A unique mask that we can still use once this all over, pu pu pu?! Yes, please!

What we love about this mask is that it’s great way to be a responsible citizen and celebrate mah jongg, the Chinese pastime that has been beloved among Jewish women since the late 1930s. Games of mah jongg come with their own prerequisite snacks, and the tile game is even popular with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts.

This particular mask was created by two great cool mahj-loving moms, Dara Collins and Donna Miller Kassman. They are the creators of ModernMahjong, which sells Mahjongg Dice, beautiful dice inspired by the iconic aesthetic of mah jongg tiles, as well as Mahjinoes, which are mah jongg-inspired dominoes (the perfect way to introduce your kids to mah jongg before teaching them the actual game!).

And for those of you who miss playing mahj IRL, Collins and Kassman are hosting an online mah jongg tournament this weekend, with parts of the proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association. (Combining mah jongg with mitzvah? That’s another Jewish tradition!).

During these days of social distancing, when many of us can’t make it to actual physical games (though if you are, may we recommend wiping your “crack” with a product invented by another Jewish mom, Mah Jongg Wipes)  — it’s so nice to be able to celebrate the beloved pastime in this special, conscientious way.

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