Robin Williams' Retelling of the Passover Story Is a Must-Watch – Kveller
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Robin Williams’ Retelling of the Passover Story Is a Must-Watch

It's absolutely brilliant.

Robin Williams on a Passover background.

Via Caroline Schiff/Getty Images

A lot of performances and videos deserve a place in your family’s Passover canon — they include Six13’s Passover sea shanty, “The Prince of Egypt” and Jack Black’s rendition of “Chad Gadya.” But I’m here today to propose a new addition to your family’s playlist: a Robin Williams retelling of the Passover story from his 2002 comedy special “Robin Williams Live on Broadway.”

It’s just two minutes long, but it’s so precise and so delightful, and Williams tells it with so much charisma. Williams, who passed away in 2014, once called himself an “honorary Jew” and even tweeted a picture of himself wearing a yarmulke shortly before he died, asking if he’d missed his true career calling as rabbi. This video certainly has us believing he would have made an awesome Jewish lay leader.

Watch it below.

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