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Want to Dress in Style for Hanukkah? These 10 Items Are Perfect for Everyone

Those eight crazy nights are almost here (Hanukkah is starting this Sunday, December 6th), so it’s time to get your wardrobe a last minute makeover. Yes, we all love ‘ugly Hanukkah sweaters,’ but there’s so much more you can wear than just that. What about dreidel leggings, headbands, and ties? There’s even the most adorable baby shoes for the smallest member in your family.

Of course, as Kveller’s resident cat lady, my favorite is the Hanukcat sweater. Check out the entire roundup below:

1. These Dreidel leggings are so cute, we’re kind of jealous that they’re just for kids. 

dreidel leggings

2. Hanukkah pajama pants, so you can stylishly sleep in kitschy Jewish attire.

hanukkah pajama pants

3. This dreidel sweater is perfect for the special guy in your life. 

dreidel sweater

4. Even your drink can stylishly wear a dreidel


5. Talk about adorable. This flapper-esque dreidel headband is too cute to pass up, and it comes in sizes for infants to adults. 

dreidel headband

6. Hanukkah bow-ties for all the hipster gentleman. And ties for the more traditional fellows.

bow ties

hanukkah ties

7. Who doesn’t love this Doors inspired t-shirt? Music nerds everywhere, unite.

hanukkah t-shirt

8. Hanukcat sweater. I mean, come on. It’s purrfect.

hanukcat sweater

9. Baby Hanukkah shoes for your little bundle of joy. It’s never too early to dress for Hanukkah.

hanukkah shoes

10. This ‘Oy to the World’ sweater is perfect for dads. Or really, anyone with a sense of humor.

hanukkah sweater

Need ideas for kids and moms? We’ve got you covered

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