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About: Talia Liben Yarmush
Full Name Talia Liben Yarmush
Talia Liben Yarmush
Talia Liben Yarmush is a freelance writer and editor, and aspiring novelist. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two sons. You can find Talia at The Accidental Typist.

Posts by Talia Liben Yarmush:

  • Aug 8 2013
    Six Months After the NICU

    “Where’s my husband?” I asked, panicked, as the nurses rolled me into the operating room. We had been in the hospital all day, and after being told that I was likely out of danger, my husband had left 20 minutes … Continue reading


  • Jun 5 2012
    I’ve Had My Miracle Baby… Now What?

    Ezra is asleep in his crib. His lips purse and pucker as if he’s sucking on a bottle. He is peaceful, even when he is awake. Awake, he stares at everything, fascinated by his surroundings, and giving smiles as payment … Continue reading



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