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8 Hanukkah-Themed Face Masks for 2021


Though it might feel like we just got through the High Holidays, Hanukkah is just around the corner! This year, the Festival of Lights begins on November 28th — yes, Thanksgiving weekend — and given that we’re still in a pandemic, we totally get it if you’re trying to make Hanukkah a little extra special this year.

Of course, especially with vaccines not yet available for children under 12, safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. If you’re looking for a fun yet practical Hanukkah gift for your loved ones, consider a festive, Hanukkah-themed face mask! While we have already found a variety of Jewish face masks that we LOVE, these eight masks are perfect for getting into the Hanukkah spirit this season. One for each night!

1.  Tie-Dye Menorah Mask (Etsy, 14.99)

Tie-dye has been a pandemic staple for many of us, so why not continue this trend for the Festival of Lights? This blue tie-dye cotton mask is washable and comfy, plus it features a sparkly rhinestone menorah (who can resist?). It also has a sewn-in filter, adjustable ear loops and a nose wire for custom-like fit.

2. “Dreidel Time” Rainbow Art Mask (Redbubble, $10)

Add a pop of color to your Hanukkah blues and silvers with this washable dreidel-print mask that brings red, green and gold to the mix. With elastic ear loops and a snug fit, this mask is basically a piece of art you can wear on your face.

3. Hanukkah Puns Masks (Etsy, $5 each)

Bring some humor to your Hanukkah season with these funny, punny masks. From “I love you a latke” to “How JEW Doin?” — printed in a Friends-like font — this bundle from Etsy has something for everyone.

4. Flower Menorah Mask (Redbubble, $10)

This adorable mask is adorned with an image of a squiggly, flower-inspired menorah. A subtle nod to the holiday, this mask adds a colorful and floral twist to your mask rotation.

5. Dinosaur Menorah Mask ($11.95, Etsy)

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a real dinosaur menorah in your life — you can get on that, BTW, by entering Kveller’s dinosaur menorah giveaway!! — you can also have one in mask form. This machine-washable, three-layer mask comes in kids’ sizes, so it could be a perfect gift for a special little one in your life.

6. Bulldogs and Dreidels Neck Gaiter (Etsy, $23.95)

A neck gaiter is an alternative to the conventional mask — which, despite some early-pandemic bad publicity, has been shown to protect against aerosols as well as other styles. This cute Hanukkah-themed gaiter is both festive and cute. Who doesn’t love dogs and dreidels?!

7. Happy Hanukkah Bedazzled Mask (Etsy, $19.99)
Looking for some more Hanukkah bling? This bedazzled Hanukkah mask says“Happy Hanukkah” in blue jewels. Safe and sparkly!!

8. Llamukkah Mask (Etsy, $11.00)

Last but absolutely not least, please enjoy this iconic llamukkah mask. Featuring smiling llamas and menorahs, this mask is sure to make you smile. Plus, it’s also made in both adult and children’s sizes.


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