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FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Bris

So you’re a new mom planning a bris for your newborn son, and you have absolutely no idea where to start–and only eight days to figure it out. Or maybe you aren’t even sure how you feel about circumcision in general and want to explore other opinions. Or maybe you’re on the receiving end of a bris invite and just want to know what to expect.

Regardless, it’s never a bad idea to educate yourself, especially when there’s lots of pre-planning to do (such as choosing a mohel) and aftercare (because you want to make sure your little one heals properly!).

There’s no need to start panicking, because we already outlined all the questions you’re probably asking yourself right now, along with the answers. So, sit back and read away:

What is a bris?

Why circumcise?

How do you choose a mohel?

What should you ask a mohel?

What can you expect at a bris?

How do you talk to kids about bris?

Whom should you invite to the bris?

How do you plan a bris?

How do you find a mohel in your area?

What do you do when the newborn boy’s in the NICU?

How do you care for your newly circumcised boy?

What tips would you suggest from moms that have been there?

Is it OK to skip the bris?

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