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It’s World Breastfeeding Week!

You may not have realized, but it’s World Breastfeeding Week–which means you may be seeing more brelfies on your social media feed this week. If you don’t know what a brelfie is, we wrote all about it here (hint: It’s exactly what it sounds like).

Editor of the Nosher and Kveller contributor Shannon Sarna shared her own brelfie today on her Facebook with the above featured image–this is what she wrote:

“It’s world breastfeeding week, and so prep yourself to see my boobs even more than usual! if nothing else, its a good break from news about crazypants Trump. #normalizeit #worldbreastfeedingweek

So, as a way to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, we rounded up some of our favorite breastfeeding content we’ve published:

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If anyone gives you flak about public breastfeeding, just remind them that you basically shoot rainbows from your boobs. Don’t forget to share your breastfeeding photos on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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